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                  Product Display
                  With a strong determination, corrosion, moisture, light still smooth surface, crystal clear
                  Furniture sofa table transparent acrylic
                  The metal containing acrylic tray
                  Acrylic wine tray removable storage rack
                  Transparent acrylic Home Furnishing stool
                  The backrest chair upholstered chair high-end acrylic
                  The wind Chinese acrylic tables and chairs set can be customized
                  We focus on our customers to build and develop
                  I removed from the commercial, light industry, construction, chemical industry
                  About Us
                  In the hands JiaYi I became smooth curves, seamless, simple natural
                      Huizhou City JiaYi plexiglass products factory is specialized in plexiglass, acrylic (acrylic) process design and production of the manufacturer. The factory since established in 2004 in Huizhou, Guangdong, now has a group of experienced professional and technical team, the introduction of advanced production equipment, technology, constantly improve the level of technology, production technology and the strength of its leading position in the regional counterparts , with advanced diamond polishing machine, CNC cutting and engraving machine, laser cutting, carving, injection, sandblasting, screen printing, pad printing, bending, bonding, tooling and other set of production equipment and technology, all the processes themselves into. Customer demand is our pursuit, ready to meet customer needs is pursued by each artist Kerry. I believe I plant in guarantee: Under quality, low cost, delivery on time of the premise, and actively work with you, to professional standards to provide you with quality services.
                  If you give me a little color, I colorful scene, dazzling
                1. Teach you how to distinguish casting plate and ext2015-07-03
                  Cast acrylic board High molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This feature is a small batch plate process...
                2. How after the plexiglass (acrylic) aging of the de2015-07-03
                  With plexiglass (acrylic products) is widely used, people began to realize that this new material brings us great convenience, enrich our lives, but a...
                3. Plexiglass uses2015-07-03
                  PMMA has a light, cheap, easy to shape and so on. Its cast molding methods, injection molding, machining, hot forming. Especially injection molding, c...
                4. Business Show
                  Regardless of the state of the environment in any case, we must work hard
                  Cathy Qin
                  Megan Lee
                  Rainbow Li
                  Yannie Deng
                  Yolanda Yin

                  Jiayi Acrylic Jiayi plexiglass Xinjiayi Wood Products Jiayi Acrylic Craft Factory Xinjiayi Wood Products Jiayi Acrylic Craft Factory

                  Contact Us
                  13 - City Lengshuikeng Industrial Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province
                  +86 18007523864